7 Bizarre Facts You Didn't Know About Animals

A professor of phonetics, John Wells, at the University of London studied the sounds that cows make.

The owners of the cattle began observing their moos and realized they sounded different than the moos of cattle in other parts of the country.

Depending on their region, the cows moo slightly differently. It is the same as how humans have accents or drawls.

The closer the owners are to the cows, the more likely they are to notice the difference in the moos of their own cattle compared to others.

Birds have been known to have regional accents. They have distinct chirping accents in the same species around the country. So, it wasn't too farfetched for Professor Wells to believe the farmers were telling the truth about the phenomenon.

Cows are affected by their immediate peer group and develop a distinguished dialect of the moo. This is common among small herds of cattle.